Hi, I'm Nyca

(pronounced as neecha

A Brand Designer turned UI / UX Designer, with an Accounting degree and interest in Entrepreneurship.

I had spent years loving the process of crafting seamless brand experiences from logo, visual identity, publishing, campaign, nationwide campaign roll-out, packaging, illustration to website and other digital executions.

After honing my eye-for-design in the branding industry, I feel the need to create something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also backed up by research and design thinking. Something that balances function and form beautifully.

That's when I decided to undertake UX course at Academy Xi and General Assembly (Please view my UX research portfolio here)

Coming from agency background and having worked with clients from a myriad of industries such as technology, finance, education, fintech, insurance, energy, science, health and retail, I am confident that my versatility and experience would be of value.

In my current role at Intuit, I'm exposed to different products under the Intuit umbrella, on both the marketing and product side of design. This rare opportunity gives me the ability to look at a feature or product from end to end; from sales generation, point of conversion, down to feature improvement to reduce friction and increase active use or speed to benefit.

I've also been honing my skills further on different types of research methodology, both to inform my design executions and to validate the success. Working in a large company, I've also been honing my stakeholder management skill which is key to the success of any project. Afterall, It takes a village!

When I am not in front of the computer, 'pushing buttons', you can find me practicing my brace for a deadlift or laying on the beach listening to a crime podcast! 

I had also just started Toastmasters and Hapkido! Who knows, if my day job doesn't work out, I can try my luck as a crime fighting stand up comedian! ;) 

If you like what you see, please say hi at or connect on Linkedin.

For illustration and publishing work from 2013 please visit this portfolio.

Sampai jumpa,



Intuit – Product Designer / Senior Visual Designer
Hay (fin-tech start-up) – UX / UI Designer
Decidr (responsive Saas platform) – UI Designer
Frost*Collective – UI / Digital Designer
uberbrand – Senior Designer
uberbrand – Mid-weight Designer 
Vanity Group – Brand & Packaging Designer
Bubblefish – Junior Designer
Afterhours (Jakarta) – Internship 


Entrepreneurship course – Wharton Business/University of Pennsylvania (Coursera online)
User Experience (part-time) – Academy Xi 2019-2020

User Experience (bootcamp) – General Assembly 2017
Master of Professional Accounting (Finance electives) – University of Technology Sydney 2012
Visual Communication Design – Binus University Jakarta
(Graduated Best in Class with highest Grade Point Average) 2010


Clients worked on

TAFE, Equifax, Suncorp, Vero, Asteron Life, Meld, Targus, Cuscal, Payments, Octet, UnionPay, University of Wollongong, IAG – MotorServe, SFI, Liverpool Council, Quadpay, Hound, Mojo Energy, Kelly+Partners, Vinta, Montefiore, Powerclub, Terrapinn, PureProfile, TIMG, ASG, Studiosity, ALI Group, Aussie Home Loan, Calix, Ocean Chef, Pacific West, Wisdom Homes, Wolters Kluwer - CCH, Catholic Care Wollongong, Hakoah, Deputy, Frank Robinson, Grant Samuel, Payright, Imaginenation, Appelles, Biology, Metis, Peter Morrisey, Soak. Ms. Cattea. Pollination Group, Wisetech & CargoWise, Brellah & MovementHQ, Wamarra (Civilex). 

'The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.' 

Alvin Toffler – American writer & futurist